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29 Jul

Here are the results as of January 2013: This input type lets you collect an email address.Note that the new (and poorly named) HTML5 "autocomplete" attribute is not used for these lists of choices, but instead is a flag that tells the browser whether or not it should used stored form values from previous sessions.Sadly, the HTML5 autocompletion has no options for customizing the look, for using HTML in the autocomplete list, or for defining how the match against the choices is performed.So, all of value, step, min, and max can be omitted.However, in the current version of Chrome, selecting the up/down arrows starts at 0001-01-01 unless you supply a value.

Browsers are supposed to use a horizontal slider unless you attach CSS that specifies a smaller width than height, in which case they are supposed to use a vertical slider.Unlike with the number (spinner) input type, the range (slider) input type has reasonable defaults for min, max, step, and value.The use of image-based testing to assess individual differences has increased substantially in recent years, with proponents arguing that they offer a more engaging alternative to text-based psychometric tests.Yet research examining the validity of these tests is near to non-existent.Browsers that support this input type give inconsistent behavior when these attributes are omitted.If you want to collect floating point numbers, use a non-integer for min or step.If you want to collect floating point numbers, use a non-integer for min or step. Chrome and Opera use a textfield with a calendar that pops up when you clieck in the textfield, and it is expected that this is what most future browsers will do.Safari uses an interface that looks like a number spinner but increments the yyyy-mm-dd string one day at a time.

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