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28 Dec

Your battery life will depend on the amount you play your instrument.They feature a 27" scale length as opposed to the 25.5" scale (which is fairly standard for most guitars.) The increased scale length (distance measured from the bridge to the nut) allows the guitar to be tuned lower than standard, while still retaining proper string tension.ESP Baritone models come from the factory with .056/.046/.036/.026W/.017/.013 gauge strings and are tuned B/E/A/D/F#/B.These guitars have come with the company's latest pickup-preamplifier combination and decorative inlays, often with motifs based on nature or astronomical phenomena.Everyone needs a little help now and then, and ESP has made it easy for you to get your questions answered.

The Certificate of Authenticity document is reserved for instruments produced in specific limited quantities, for ESP Artist Signature models, USA models, and for custom ordered instruments.

LTD Artist Signature models do not come with a COA. We have been building custom-ordered guitars since we started and are highly regarded in the guitar industry as "The" Custom Guitar Company.